Live Life on Your Terms

"Every day, the Last Real Gym brings me back to my first gym job as a young boy - to when times were simpler, to when the gym life was a place where you came and you saw your friends and had fun and as soon as you walked out of the doors that day, you wanted to come back. You couldn’t wait to go back the next day. That feeling of being in a true neighborhood gym, where people know your name, people respect your workout and your time, people know it is the best hour of their day. I still hold onto that feeling as if it was just yesterday.  That feeling is what I use to build and run the Last Real Gym and that is the same feeling I will use to help you build and run your Last Real Gym."

Frank Kole, Last Real Gym Founder
"The future of fitness will always be found in its past."

Frank Kole, Last Real Gym Founder

What will your legacy be?

  • Would you like to build a business that can provide you the freedom to live life on your terms?
  • Do you have a desire to help others to improve their lives through fitness and community?
  • Do you want to build strong relationships with your members?
  • Do you want to be involved in your local community and be a community leader?
  • No fitness experience required - only a desire and a passion to own a true neighborhood gym.

Why Last Real Gym?

  • Last Real Gym is an established model with a comprehensive management system from cleaning to training to member service.
  • Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity! Get in on the ground floor with a strong brand in a healthy, growing industry.  This is where the real opportunity is, this is where everyone wishes they could get in - the future is now!
  • No fitness experience required - only a desire and a passion to own a true neighborhood gym.
  • You can choose to run the club yourself, or hire a manager.  If economic times are tough in the future, you can operate your business with a small staff.
  • We provide extensive training up front and over time with your own dedicated support team focused on your success.
  • Last Real Gym is an ideal fit for a wide variety of retail spaces and neighborhoods throughout the country.

Hands-on Training and Support

Our goal is for you to be as successful as possible, and we will be with you every step of the way.  We are the business partner that every gym owner wishes they had -  the partner who has all of the battle scars gained through building a business through good times and bad times and who can provide simple lessons to you as you go.

We have compiled our lifetime of lessons learned into the Last Real Gym Operations Manual and Training Manuals.   We have the years of experience to help you navigate through opening your business, running your business, strategizing, growing, downsizing, and most of all, avoiding costly mistakes that can take you out of business.

Choosing Your Location
We help you select the ideal location and neighborhood for your Last Real Gym franchise.  We review your lease and help you negotiate your best terms.  We create the overall layout of your gym based on your specific site and provide floor-to-ceiling design guidelines based on the original Last Real Gym.  We help you through the entire build-out process.

Pre-Opening Training

You and your team will attend a five-day hands-on training at Last Real Gym headquarters in San Diego and get immersed in the experience of managing daily operations.  We will be with you when you open your facility to make sure you get started smoothly.

Success over Time
You have direct access to a dedicated franchise support team devoted to your success.

The Application Process

  1. You submit the Franchise Information Request below.
  2. We contact you by phone or email to introduce ourselves and have an initial conversation regarding your plans for your Last Real Gym.
  3. You complete our Franchise Application Form.
  4. We review your application and if you are selected to continue, we provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Documents.
  5. You attend a Discovery Day at our headquarters in San Diego, California.  You get a complete hands-on overview of what it is like to own and operate a Last Real Gym and you meet your support team.
  6.  Join the Pack! Once we mutually decide to go forward, we sign the documents and get started.